PESHAWAR: Illegal mining is going on unabated across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. An official report revealed that illegal mining of sand, crush, stones, nephrite, granite, phosphate, gypsum, chromite and marble was continuing in 16 districts of the province.

Illegal crushing plants are also functional in different districts without any restrictions. Mines and mineral department failed in stopping illegal mining in the province.

Special Assistant Mines and Mineral Department Arif Ahmadzai told Jang that strict legal action is being taken against those involved in illegal mining. Whenever a complaint is received, department acts immediately and lodges FIR against the accused.

“We have decided to launch a computerized complaint cell to curb the illegal mining. Anyone can lodge a complaint of illegal mining in their area and the department will take immediate action,” he added.

According to a report, illegal mining of stone and crush is continuing in Takhta Baig Khwar and Warmando Mela Shawy Mountain in tehsil Jamrud of Khyber district. Similarly, illegal mining is also on the rise in Nowshera and Charsadda districts including mountain near village Misri Banda, Shabara, Parang River Swat, Jendai, Tangi and Karimu Khawar Mandani. Minerals like sand, stone and crush is being stolen from both the districts.

Mohmand district is rich in marble, chromite and stone while illegal mining has caused a huge loss to the national exchequer. Noora Khawa Mountain tehsil Baizai, Spenkai Mountain tehsil Baizai, Sperai Miangan Mountain tehsil Parang Ghar, Mian Mandi Khwar tehsil Haleem Zai, Khwajawas Khel tehsil Haleem Zai, Spu Dara Chengai tehsil Parang, Yaka Ghond, Yousaf Baba, tehsil Parang Ghar, Arandu Kol, Spera Maze, Mushtaraka Darang and Pipal Kamar, tehsil Safi are mostly affected by illegal mining. At least 12 crushing plants are also working illegally in the area.

Report further reveled that sand is being stolen from Jaganat Mira and Yar Hussain areas of district Swabi and marble from Katorai Tangai Mountain Gumbat Batkhela of district Malakand.

Illegal mining in district Swat continued in Ayub Bridge Kanju River Swat, Malikabad, Ogadai Takhta Band River Swat, Gaiman Bridge River Swat, Manyar River Swat, Drab Shah Gram Madain, Khawar Bazaar Madain, Tank Patawu Qalagay Madian, Tank Darab, Shah Gram Madain, Baidara Tank Matta, Chinala Tank Bra Drshkhela Matta, Chalyar Tank, River Swat, Khwazakhel and Charbagh River Swat.

Illegal mining in Shotar, Balach, Orghoch Joti Lusht and Sheli Baroz. Sheshi Pul, Darosh, Shahnigar, Darosh, Dondigal, Darosh, Sipagh Lusht Gehrait, Ayun, Karok Boni of district Chitral and Ovi Lusht Bon area of Upper Chitral is reported to high-ups.

District Dir Lower areas include river Panjgora, Khal Shalfalam, Khal Ashari Gat, Bypass Timergar Katai, Haji Abad, Balambat, Malikabad and Khazana areas.

District Dir Upper is mostly affected district of the province which includes the areas around Forest Colony Sheringal Kohistan River, KR three-star hotel, Doro, Cham Soldam, Gurdi Pull, Patrak Bazaar, GHSS Patrak, Kumrat Rest House, Chakyatan Pull river Panjkora, Abakund, River Brawal, Dodba, Sheen Ghar Hotel Pana Kot, River Dir, Bend Pull Panakot, Qashkarey Dir, Dir Khan Pull, Hedo Barawal, River Barawal, Tekarkot Barawal, Hand Khwar Darorra, Sur Pull Darorra, Wand Darorra, Tambar Tex Post Darorra, Mochi Mor Darorra, Korkass Darorra, City Bela Darorra, Karachi Hotel Wari, Zeb Medical Centre Wari, Bando Sholgro Wari, Sur Pull Wari, Wari Flour Mills, Shagai Shahid Wari, Gillaksi Hotel Wari.

Illegal mining of granite, sand, crush and stone in different areas of district Bajaur including Tangu, Naraza, Giru, Pasht tehsil Salar Zai, Rashkai, Sheikh Kalay, Ragagan tehsil Khar Touhedabad, Darang Tehsil Utmankhel is continuing. District Shangla areas includes Showar Meda and Dandai. According to report, illegal mining of phosphate in Guldania, Hotrairi, Banda Pir Khan of district Abbottabad, is also going on. District Karak includes Chokara, Dedan, Balogha near Chongi Jattah Ismail Khel. Nala Tochi, Fateh Khan Khel Road, Haved Khas, Nala Tochi near Tura Khwla, Nala Tochi, Miryan of district Bannu. Similarly, illegal mining is continuing in district DI Khan’s areas including around Band Dhianawala Cantt, Indus Colony Cantt, Mufti Mahmood Hospital Cantt, Band Indus River, mountain near Shergarh, Kotla Lodiyan, Paharpur, Turkhuly Rehmani Khel mountain, Panyala, red mountain near Paniala and Wanda Norak Panyiala.

Source: The News, July 2, 2020