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During a federal cabinet session, with our Prime Minister Imran Khan, the premier urged for making progress on the track and trace system of the FBR. He maintained that FBR is making efforts to activate its track and trace system which is sabotaged every time.

Imran Khan said, “Until this system is in place, we cannot stop tax evasion,” he said, directing the law minister to inform the SHC about the situation to get the stay order vacated. “Because of tax evasion, we have to rely on indirect taxes which leads to inflation.”


The premier stated that Rs400 billion tax was imposed only on the sugar industry for the last five years.[1]He directed Farrukh Habib to hold consultations with the attorney general. Imran Khan said that the court should be given all details about the importance of the track and trace system.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has claimed that tax evaders have been hindering its efforts to streamline tax collection and the ongoing stream of litigation only helps them delay the implementation of Track and Trace System (TTS).[2]

Responding to the challenge to the award of the TTS license, the FBR said: “In order to prevent leakage of revenue, under-reporting of production and sales of tobacco, cement, fertilizers and sugar products and to ensure proper payment of Federal Excise Duty and Sales Tax on the manufacture and sale of the specified products, FBR is mandated to issue a license for implementation of TTS.”[2]