Pakistan Customs, being the lead agency in counter-smuggling, along with frontier corps and Balochistan police, raided a showroom in Quetta, near Chamman Highway and seized 24 luxury vehicles, in order to restrain the menace of smuggling.

FBR sources reported that the operation was carried out successfully with the help of Task Force and an FIR was lodged against the showroom owners. The seized luxury vehicles included Land Cruisers like V8, Premio Car, Honda Cross Road, Toyota Double Cabins, Axio Car and Suzuki Cars, having an approximate worth of Rs. 120 million.

Pakistan Customs has made seizure of smuggled goods worth Rs3.8 billion during the month of July 2020, which is 143 percent higher than the same month of the last year. The value of seized goods made during July 2019 was amounting to Rs.1.56 billion.

Staying committed to our Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s vision of eliminating smuggling from Pakistan, Pakistan Customs is actively taking steps to seize smuggled goods and protect the market.

If smuggling can be controlled in our country, it will help promote foreign direct investment by uplifting the confidence and trust of investors.

Published by FBR, December 06, 2020